Lubna Salim famously known as Leela Bhabhi of Baa Bahu Aur Baby is back on screen, and will play a very important role in Madhur Bhandarkar's series 'Niyati' in Sony's Specials @ 10.

The tale is about two sisters, Madhu and Niyati who are estranged for 15 years as the elder sister, Madhu was in jail. Niyati grows to become a human rights activist lawyer and is played by Aashka Goradia. Playing the elder sister Madhu is Lubna Salim who gets free from the State Prison after 15 long years.

Madhu aims to settle scores with her sister Niyati as she holds her responsible for her 15 year ordeal. 15 years ago, Madhu was the one who rescued Niyati from their evil father's clutches by stabbing him. Niyati gives evidence in the court of the incident which results in Madhu's imprisonment. Madhu confronts Niyati saying that 15 years ago life gave her an opportunity to become a lawyer and have a life of her own, while time stood still for Madhu as she paid a price for saving her own sister from a man who was packed with evil intentions. Niyati is confused whether to trust this woman whom she thought to be a culprit or was she the culprit in this woman's eyes?

A very excited Lubna said, "It was great to be shooting for this series. The story is about two sisters, and the focus is on today's problem in society, child abuse and sex. I play a simple and timid girl while Aashka is the complete opposite of me, and is very bubbly".

Lubna had a great time working with Director Ashok Pandit. "We know each other for quite long and our association goes back to our theater days. It was so nice of Ashok uncle to have thought about me and offered me a role. I agreed to do the role even without reading the script, and that is what our relation is".

Watch Lubna and Aashka's enchanting tale this Thursday, April 30th, at 10 PM on Sony..


Hi Friends,

Thanks for all the love and support you gave me for my role of Leela Bhabhi in Baa Bahu Baby serial... It has been quite an experience and I have enjoyed every bit of it as much as some of you have done as audiences.... This is to thank you all for your very generous love and adulation....
It's been 4 years now for BBB and I have decided to move on and would not continue with it in the coming season... But I am going to be back with something new and exciting soon after this much needed break...
Do keep in touch, with time on my hand , I would be able to connect with you now....


Lubna Salim's latest play HUM SUFFER is about an erstwhile couple at crossroads, meeting each other over a period of several years, revealing vagaries of contemporary lifestyles which creep into relationships.

Directed by husband-director Salim Arif and written by father Javed Siddiqi, Hum Suffer is about protagonists Sameer (Kiran Karmarkar) and Sonal (Lubna Salim) who decide to divorce after fifteen years of marriage.

They do so with an understanding that life can be started afresh, by taking a turn at a crossroad and going separate ways. What seemed an amicable solution leaves a few issues unresolved- While Sameer moves on with his quest of solace, an emotionally fragile Sonal finds herself tangled in a web of isolation and despair.

The intricacy of human emotions and the delicate threads that hold a family together keep pulling them to each other and apart.

Poignant, romantic and often funny, their lives follow a bittersweet journey of marriage, divorce and missed opportunities. The play is a story of two soul mates betraying a need for individual search of love, closeness and some form of happiness. It is as much about love, as it is about urban alienation, family and relationships.

Lubna Salim’s excited.

The actress, who is popular as Leela Bhabhi in the serial Baa Bahu aur Baby, was recently nominated in the best actress category at an awards function recently.

“ This was the first time I was nominated for the best actress award. Earlier it always used to be in the supporting actress category. I feel thrilled that finally after so many years in the industry, people have recognised me as a lead actress.”

Lubna recently donned a new role — that of a producer and actor in her play Lakeerein, based on a collection of stories and poems of renowned litterateur Gulzar on the theme of Indo-Pak relations. However, in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks and the present Indo-Pak situation, the play has been re-worked in the light of the present Indo-Pak situation to reflect the changing times.

“Lakeerein is about life on the border. People living there are bound by common threads.”

Ask her what inspired her to produce Gulzar’s play and she says, “My relationship with Gulzarsaab goes back a long way. My father Javed Siddiqui’s a writer and my husband Salim Arif have been closely associated with Gulzarsaab through his films.”

Inspite of doing television, Lubna finds time to do theatre as well. “I'm lucky that my shooting schedules take not more than 15 to 20 days in a month. The rest I devote to theatre,” she says.

“Sometimes there’s nothing new happening on TV and one tends to get stagnated and needs to move on. Sometimes you feel that you can sleepwalk through a role and that’s the time one needs to do something different. Theatre provides that breather for me,” says Lubna.

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Lubna Salim who is popularly known as Leela of Ba Bahu Aur Baby has talent in her genes. The daughter of famous script writer Javed Siddiqui Lubna says acting is her passion. The actress has proved her talent with both her current running shows on TV, Ba Bahu Aur Baby and Ek Packet Umeed.

Lubna talks about her life and .
Which did you enjoy more, Ba Bahu Aur Baby or Ek Packet Umeed?
Honestly speaking, I enjoy playing the character of Paroma in Ek Packet Umeed more because I have been doing Ba Bahu Aur Baby since quite sometime now whereas Ek Packet Umeed is a new show. My role in Ek Packet Umeed is wonderful. I love playing it because it is challenging and I am an actress who is thirsty for challenges. It has grey shades to it. The character is hardly positive and it is not negative at all. I pay hats off to Aatish Kapadia for scripting such a real character with a lot of conviction and that too in the existing trends of TV industry. These days characters in serials are so dramatic.

Was writing never an option?
I was always interested in acting. I knew from the beginning that I am very good at acting. I started acting in theatre from a very early age. Script writing did not interest me much. My parents were also very supportive and thrilled about my love for acting. I have three siblings and all of us have chosen to work in different directions but in the same field. We can’t think of something out of the entertainment industry. All of us are each other’s best critics and we keep each other grounded and growing with our criticism.

What went wrong with your filmy career?
I was only sixteen when I debuted in Bollywood. Being a film actress requires a lot of other things besides acting talent. There you are not just an actor but a product. You should be ready to do publicity for yourself, show skin and do intimate scenes. The kind of culture I come from, I didn’t have a bent for it. This was the scenario at that time. Currently, great films are being made in Bollywood and such requirements are not there. Of course it does not apply to all the film makers and actors but quality of films has improved and this is the right time for people to enter the film industry.

What is the equation that you share with your father?
I am more close to my father than my mother. He treats me like a little kid in spite of me being a grown up and a woman of my own. He has always been my best friend. My father and my husband are my strongest support.

Who is your closest friend among the actors?
Sucheta Trivedi is one of my closest friends from Ba Bahu Aur Baby. I have many close friends from this show. As far as Ek Packet Umeed is concerned, I don’t hang around on its set a lot as I don’t get time but I gel very well with them. When I go on the sets, I visit everyone’s make up room and chat with them. With Rupali Ganguly, there is lot of gossip and masti. There is a gamut of different age groups in this show. So you can interact on different topics with every one and also the show appears to be interesting because of this.

You have been producing plays in theatre. Any thought of producing a show on television?
Yes, I am planning to produce a show on TV. My husband wants me to wait for a while so that he can help me with it. Now he is too busy with his own work.

With so much on your plate, do you get time for your husband and kids?
I am able to balance both work and family but my family does suffer at times. It is very necessary for a woman to be around in the house. It makes your kids and husband’s life easy. Thankfully, I have a wonderful hubby who never complains and supports me tremendously. I have two children and they are extremely understanding. Being away from family for work is a big sacrifice for a woman.

Lubna Salim plays Leela, the lively and daydreaming wife of Arvind. Liked by everyone, she is always jovial and ready for a good old gossip. She and her younger sister-in-law or devrani Pravina are always hatching schemes against Baa's wishes to try and modernise the house or get out of doing work. Fashion-conscious and educated, she wishes to move to America one day and see her daughter Dimple happily married to Anish. Often clashes with her sister-in-law Charubala, who lives in the town (as opposed to the Thakkar's in the suburbs) and tries to glorify this superior lifestyle in every way.

Speaking about the serial, Lubna says, "Baa Bahoo Aur Baby' is a story of everyone. It is about a joint family ruled by their mother who besides being sure of what is right and wrong, has a loving nature. Unlike other serials she shares an amazing relationship with her daughter-in-laws. This serial depicts the problems of a middle class family in a realistic way."

Baa Bahoo Aur Baby is made by Aatish Kapadia and JD Majethia (of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and Instant Khichdi fame). It presents the hues of life packed with high emotions, temperaments, idiosyncrasies of real people and even more real situations.

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