Lubna Salim, fondly known as Leela Bhabhi in Baa Bahu Aur Baby also plays the woman of today who is strong and independent, living her life as she wants in NDTV Imagine’s Ek Packet Umeed.

Talking about the stand-out character that she portrays as Paroma in Umeed Bhavan, Lubna says, “She is extremely learned and very confident. She is the right hand of Umeed Bhavan because she looks after the financial matters, also supervises and gets the job done by the ladies in Umeed Bhavan. Though the character is a bit snooty and headstrong, Paroma demands all the respect as she is very confident in her outlook”.

When asked about the vast difference seen in the characters of Leela Bhabhi and Paroma, the actress is quick to say, “Frankly speaking, I am very much different from both the characters I play. But, I also feel that every actor gives a personal touch to the role he/she is portraying. Keeping this aspect in mind, I can say that both Leela Bhabhi and Paroma are part of me”.

Lubna recollects that her association with JD and Aatish goes back to her college days in Mithibai College, where they were her seniors. Lubna owes her name and fame to the duo, states, “They brought me to the limelight and if I am recognized today, it is because of them”.

When asked about the advantages of working with one production house, an extremely witty Lubna has this to say, “It is good, because I have never felt the necessity of appointing a secretary as they manage my dates very well for both my serials”.

Last but not the least Lubna confirms that, “I put in equal time and effort to my theatre activities and modeling too”.


  1. farhan said...
    Is that you.... ooo my god
    Lubna Salim said...
    hey, thanku for all ur adulation n luv for leela bhabi from ba bahu baby,been a gud 3 years since i became leela, now i feel that its time to move on.... u will b seeein t 2nd season of bbb bt ,i wont b continuing as leela anymore,,,now that iv got my life back as lubna.;p.will have 2work even more 2 get all ur attention;p;p;p;p;p;p. stay in touch... ,,

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