Lubna Salim's latest play HUM SUFFER is about an erstwhile couple at crossroads, meeting each other over a period of several years, revealing vagaries of contemporary lifestyles which creep into relationships.

Directed by husband-director Salim Arif and written by father Javed Siddiqi, Hum Suffer is about protagonists Sameer (Kiran Karmarkar) and Sonal (Lubna Salim) who decide to divorce after fifteen years of marriage.

They do so with an understanding that life can be started afresh, by taking a turn at a crossroad and going separate ways. What seemed an amicable solution leaves a few issues unresolved- While Sameer moves on with his quest of solace, an emotionally fragile Sonal finds herself tangled in a web of isolation and despair.

The intricacy of human emotions and the delicate threads that hold a family together keep pulling them to each other and apart.

Poignant, romantic and often funny, their lives follow a bittersweet journey of marriage, divorce and missed opportunities. The play is a story of two soul mates betraying a need for individual search of love, closeness and some form of happiness. It is as much about love, as it is about urban alienation, family and relationships.


  1. ekta said...
    Hi Lubna ji,

    Need not to say that i am a gr88 fan of urs(leela bhabhi ) but as u won't be there anymore i would like to see u in different roles.

    These plays seems to be very intresting and i would love to see you doing a play.

    But as i am not in mumbai(USA/Bangalore) it is not possible for me to watch them dats y jst wanna give u a suggestion y dn't you guys shoot ur plays as a short story serial and launch it. I think dis would be a gr88 thing to do there was a serial long time ago called 'love story' and it was a huge success.

    Please think abt it.

    Love U
    Lubna Salim said...
    hey sawry 4 nt repling early. v had a few shows in bangkok so ....had a small kinda holiday..
    yes tats a gud suggestin bt..u see no buyers 4 short fictions, also a charm of LIVE PERFORMANCE is more appealin maybe tats y iv stil stuck to this medium..watsay..
    abhishekdixit said...
    saw humsuffer last saturaday at prithvi theatre...had watched lakeerein also few months ago...I really appreciate the way essay commincation is doing its best to keep the real meaning of theatre alive..I'm a writer and can easily relate with the character of was a simple story concept but the way dialogues and performances were potrayed for one and half hour , reflected the life beautifully on the stage...congratulations for such nice creations...
    Dixu said...
    Hi Lubna

    My son 4yr and I are great fan of yours as Leelabhabhi..We both didnt like new BBB as you are not there...Please do come back as Leelabhabhi...
    Dixu said...
    Hi Lubnaji

    My 4yr son and I are gr88 fan of urs(leela bhabhi ) but as u won't be there anymore i would like to see u in different roles but please do come back in BBB. We dont like to see BBB without you
    Ganapathy Subramanium said...
    Aise plays to aksar HONA HI CHAHIYE!!! I am a great fan of yours as Leela Bhabhi and in Ek Packet Umeed.
    How do we know said...
    i saw this play last night at epicenter.. and was completely in awe of ur acting prowess and ur stage presence. Was looking for other reviews of this play to link to my own, and stumbled upon this blog. Just wanted to tell you that the play was an eye opener, and we loved being there.. thank you!

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