Yeh Leela Aprampaar Hai!

Lubna Salim who is popularly known as Leela of Ba Bahu Aur Baby has talent in her genes. The daughter of famous script writer Javed Siddiqui Lubna says acting is her passion. The actress has proved her talent with both her current running shows on TV, Ba Bahu Aur Baby and Ek Packet Umeed.

Lubna talks about her life and .
Which did you enjoy more, Ba Bahu Aur Baby or Ek Packet Umeed?
Honestly speaking, I enjoy playing the character of Paroma in Ek Packet Umeed more because I have been doing Ba Bahu Aur Baby since quite sometime now whereas Ek Packet Umeed is a new show. My role in Ek Packet Umeed is wonderful. I love playing it because it is challenging and I am an actress who is thirsty for challenges. It has grey shades to it. The character is hardly positive and it is not negative at all. I pay hats off to Aatish Kapadia for scripting such a real character with a lot of conviction and that too in the existing trends of TV industry. These days characters in serials are so dramatic.

Was writing never an option?
I was always interested in acting. I knew from the beginning that I am very good at acting. I started acting in theatre from a very early age. Script writing did not interest me much. My parents were also very supportive and thrilled about my love for acting. I have three siblings and all of us have chosen to work in different directions but in the same field. We can’t think of something out of the entertainment industry. All of us are each other’s best critics and we keep each other grounded and growing with our criticism.

What went wrong with your filmy career?
I was only sixteen when I debuted in Bollywood. Being a film actress requires a lot of other things besides acting talent. There you are not just an actor but a product. You should be ready to do publicity for yourself, show skin and do intimate scenes. The kind of culture I come from, I didn’t have a bent for it. This was the scenario at that time. Currently, great films are being made in Bollywood and such requirements are not there. Of course it does not apply to all the film makers and actors but quality of films has improved and this is the right time for people to enter the film industry.

What is the equation that you share with your father?
I am more close to my father than my mother. He treats me like a little kid in spite of me being a grown up and a woman of my own. He has always been my best friend. My father and my husband are my strongest support.

Who is your closest friend among the actors?
Sucheta Trivedi is one of my closest friends from Ba Bahu Aur Baby. I have many close friends from this show. As far as Ek Packet Umeed is concerned, I don’t hang around on its set a lot as I don’t get time but I gel very well with them. When I go on the sets, I visit everyone’s make up room and chat with them. With Rupali Ganguly, there is lot of gossip and masti. There is a gamut of different age groups in this show. So you can interact on different topics with every one and also the show appears to be interesting because of this.

You have been producing plays in theatre. Any thought of producing a show on television?
Yes, I am planning to produce a show on TV. My husband wants me to wait for a while so that he can help me with it. Now he is too busy with his own work.

With so much on your plate, do you get time for your husband and kids?
I am able to balance both work and family but my family does suffer at times. It is very necessary for a woman to be around in the house. It makes your kids and husband’s life easy. Thankfully, I have a wonderful hubby who never complains and supports me tremendously. I have two children and they are extremely understanding. Being away from family for work is a big sacrifice for a woman.

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  1. Vilas Patil said...
    Hi Lubna. I am glad to know more about you by reading this interview. You are an ideal lady. I like you so much. I wish my wife will be just like you. "Meri wife leela bhabhi jaisi honi hi chahiye". Best wishes.

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