Lubna Salim’s excited.

The actress, who is popular as Leela Bhabhi in the serial Baa Bahu aur Baby, was recently nominated in the best actress category at an awards function recently.

“ This was the first time I was nominated for the best actress award. Earlier it always used to be in the supporting actress category. I feel thrilled that finally after so many years in the industry, people have recognised me as a lead actress.”

Lubna recently donned a new role — that of a producer and actor in her play Lakeerein, based on a collection of stories and poems of renowned litterateur Gulzar on the theme of Indo-Pak relations. However, in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks and the present Indo-Pak situation, the play has been re-worked in the light of the present Indo-Pak situation to reflect the changing times.

“Lakeerein is about life on the border. People living there are bound by common threads.”

Ask her what inspired her to produce Gulzar’s play and she says, “My relationship with Gulzarsaab goes back a long way. My father Javed Siddiqui’s a writer and my husband Salim Arif have been closely associated with Gulzarsaab through his films.”

Inspite of doing television, Lubna finds time to do theatre as well. “I'm lucky that my shooting schedules take not more than 15 to 20 days in a month. The rest I devote to theatre,” she says.

“Sometimes there’s nothing new happening on TV and one tends to get stagnated and needs to move on. Sometimes you feel that you can sleepwalk through a role and that’s the time one needs to do something different. Theatre provides that breather for me,” says Lubna.


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